Monday, January 25, 2016

Sarasota Bay boat tour and Aquarium

 We made a couple of excursions and one of them being to the Mote marine laboratory in Sarasota. They have an aquarium known for being part of the world's leading organizations of shark study. They also organize boat cruises that we decided to go on. Under the supervision of marine biologists the boat cruises point out interesting flora and fauna of the bay. This eco-tour takes 1 hour and 45 minutes and they have two depatures daily. It is a nice way to get to know more about the local nature and sea life.

 Sarasota bay. Behind the sailing boats you see Sarasota which is one of the larger town a long the coast. 

 It is always nice to get out on the water. The weather had been kind of gray and windy this day not being a good beach day so it was prefect for something like this. As we were out on the boat cruise the sky cleared up and we had a really enjoyable boat tour. 
 By taking the boat cruise we also got to come close up to some of the big luxury mansions out on Long Boat Key. Enormous houses with private boat docks and great views over the bay. The ones that can afford these homes have a pretty good life here.

 We got to get a good view of the white pelikans that come down to Florida each winter to spend the winter in a warmer and sunnier climate.
 Besides the white pelikans you also have the regular brown pelikans nesting on these small bushy islands. We made a stop on an uninhabited island for a short nature walk getting to know more about the local trees and bushes.

The evening turned out really beatiful. A grey day ended with a pretty sunset over the bay.

Under the supervision of the marine biologists the boat cruises also trawl a net and then depending on the cath we got to examine sponges, sea horses and various fish from the catch. The guy in the yellow jacket was our captain. He was really nice and very knowledgeable. One of the biologists was holding up a puffer fish that was really cute.

 The catch also contained various fishes, sponges and these super cute sea stars. They were placed in various plastic containers and passed around so that we all could take a closer look. This was a fun and great way to get to know more about the local life of the bay.

There are plenty of aquariums to choose from to visit around this part of Florida. Almost every city and town has it's own. We also made a visit to the Tampa aquarium which is one of the larger aquariums in the area. There is something about aquariums that I love. It is something that holds a great interest both for kids and adults. 


Annika said...

Förstår att det där var roligt.
Älskar att gå på akvarium, och oftast är de SÅ fina också!
ER utflykt var verkligen en förlängning av ett "vanligt akvarium". Ja, jag kan tänka mig att det var verkligt intressant.

Anne said...

Tummen upp för riktigt bra akvarium, det är verkligen kul för alla åldrar att besöka. Puffer fish var nytt för mig, den ser ut som en liten sur gubbe :)
Gjorde ni det mesta tillsammans hela sällskapet eller delade ni på er emellanåt?

Desiree said...

Annika, jag alskar akvarium. Det var himla kul att komma ut I riktiga naturen ocksa och fa se och aven kanna lite forsiktigt pa vissa av strand och vatten faunan. En valdigt trevlig och fin utflykt som var lagom lang. Nagot som bade uppskattades av stora som sma.

Anne, Hi hi ja Puffer fish ser verkligen ut som en sur gubbe. Sa ful sa att den blir sot. Vi gjorde det mesta ihop men en dag delade vi pa oss och gjorde separarata utflykter. Vi hade tva bilar som vi hyrde under hela vistelsen.