Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A perfect summer evening

The beautiful Rhine. Had a lovely evening there yesterday with friends. A perfect summer evening. This is where it all happens during summer. There is always something going on here. People swimming or rather floating down the river, people having a picknick or just haning out. Music, small bars ect.

We went for a bike ride with our American A and C. My own C had asked first if he could go by himself with A. I said yes but also said I was feeling a tiny bit lonely as he was away all last weekend and will go again this weekend for more mountain biking. So then he said he would not go with A. Then he phoned back and said he had come up with a better idea of all four of us together with their daughter L that is 9 years to go together. An excellent idea. I found myself in areas of the outskirts of the city that I had never ever explored before. 

Love Basel because nature is so easily accessible. You don't have to go very far before you are out on some nice trails in the country side. We biked for about two hours and made this stop by the Rhine as we were approaching home. 


Anne-Marie said...

Fina sommarkvällar ni har i Basel. Alltid trevligt med utflykter till nya områden.
Det verkar som om människor cyklar mycket och att det går att cykla i Basel.

Desiree said...

Anne-Marie, ja verkligen fina och sköna. Det är en stad som är gjord för att ta sig fram på många olika sätt. I och med att den inte är så stor så funkar till fots eller på cykel mycket bra. Det är nog en av de stora skillnaderna som jag gillar mycket med europa vs USA att det finns flera andra sätt att ta sig fram förutom bilen i alla lägen.