Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th y´all

Happy 4th to you all and a little bit of a throw back in time to one of the independence day celebrations from the deep South in Alabama. It is always hard to celebrate traditions that are not celebrated by everyone else if you live in another country. I still think it is important to acknowledge them in some way as we both are American citizens. We are having some burgers on the grill tonight on our deck. It is a warm and nice summer day here.

4th of July celebrated in a relaxed way. You bring something, you get together and just hang out having fun. The theme being red, white and blue of course. Jeff's monster Margarita mixer certainly helped put everyone in a good spirit.

It does not get more American than this. You don't need to be fancy or dress up. Just come the way you are. Beer is drunk out of the bottle (glasses are for Europeans). Drinking out of bottles is something I picked up and to me it just tastes better when it comes to beer or soda. You bring your camping chair and get the party started right there in the driveway.

Flags, drinks ,good spirits, burgers on the grill and a table with sides and desserts. 

Then you always got your local parade to check out. 

Does not get more country than this when it comes to parading on lawn mowers. Decorating your lawn mowers with the A from the Alabama football team of course. Football being the second religion of Alabama.

When you bake you buy a roll of cookie dough and then just pop them in the oven and it is home made.

It all ends with a bang and bright fireworks lighting up the sky. But celebrating here in Switzerland will be much more low key. We are flipping some burgers on the grill and decorating with our American flags. 

Have a good one y'all! Happy 4th!


Lotta said...

Happy 4th fellow Americans!!!

The beers are cold, the flag is up….we are ready ;)



Taina said...

Ja men visst är det så. Enkelt och opretentiöst. The American way och ska jag vara ärlig så gillar jag det. Det underlättar om inte annat.

Happy 4th!


Madeleine said...

Happy 4th of July till er också!! Vilka mysiga kort, ser ut som ni hade det hur bra som helst!
Gillar fjärde juli med alla goda drinkar, bbq's och snacks. Mysig helgdag.

Anne-Marie said...

Happy 4th Desiree!
Nej, inte blir det på samma när man bor i ett annat land som inte har nationaldagen idag.
Mysigt med avslappnade fester dit man kommer som man är.
Ha en fin helg! Kram!

Desiree said...

Lotta, låter super härligt :-)

Taina, ja jag saknar det en hel del. Man firar på enkelt avslappnat sätt. Underbart :-)
Kram och Happy 4th till dig och familjen.

Madeleine, ja en härlig helgdag. Vi hade det väldigt bra i Alabama med underbara grannar som också blev goda vänner som vi har kontakt med än idag.
Happy 4th!

Anne-Marie, det är klurigt att fira högtider som inte firas runt om en. Lika svårt att fira svenska nationaldagen som denna. Men lite enkelt kan man ändå fira på sitt sätt.
Ha en fin helg.

mls73 said...

🇺🇸Älskar Fourth of July!
Fina bilder!

Charlotta Hemert Ljungblad said...

Happy 4th! :=)

Charlotta Hemert Ljungblad said...

Happy 4th! :=)