Tuesday, October 27, 2015


It is so beautiful right now. October is my favorite fall month. The colors are amazing and so vibrant. Saturday we drove out into the country side nearby to Basel. Every little hill is dotted with trees with sparklig reds, yellows and orange. Saturday was a perfect fall day with mild temperatures. We took the car and drove around up the hills surrounding Basel.

It is so quiet and so peaceful. Stopped the car and got out for a walk. To me Switzerland never feels crowded. There is space to wander and walk by yourself. You might meet a few people walking or someone biking. You hear the cowbells in the distance. The cows are still out enjoying the last moments of green fresh grass in the slopes.

Sunday we went over to daylight saving time. In my opinion we could stick with the same time year around. Mornings become lighter for a while but the evening darkness coming much quicker always feels hard and harsh. However the extra hour on Sunday morning is always a nice bonus.

The temperatures we have been havning this weekend have been mild with around 15-16 degrees celcius. The mild weather seems to continue for another couple of days at least. We cleaned up our deck this past weekend and prepared it for winter. Emptied the last flower pots, removed and lifted some of the wooded deck. Sweeped the deck and covered the out door furniture. Now we are all ready for cooler temperatures and winter. Feels good to have accomplished this task.

 The paths and trails in the woods are just so inviting. I found it so nice to just walk and walk. It was almost hard to stop walking. Loved hearing the sound of the dry leafs crunching under my feet, taking in the fresh smell of forrest and just moving deeper into this world of color. Best way to clear your head.

The ground is also covered with dry leaves. There is something fun and childish about still kicking around in a pile of dry leafs that I love. It is sad that it won't be long until all the leaves will have fallen to the ground.

I can't believe that October has almost come to an end. Just a few days left. This month has really gone by very quickly for us as we travelled to Sweden in the beginning of the month and by the time we were back it was almost mid October.


Annika said...

Underbart fina bilder, Desiree!
Jag med, älskar oktober. Älskar det där citatet fr Anne på Grönkulla : I am so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers.
Det stämmer.
Hösten hos oss båda ser ut att ha kommit lika långt. Bild nummer 4 nerifrån är MAGISK!!! Fantastiskt fin!! Och bild nummer 2 uppifrån. AHHHH, vilken njutning..
Underbara höstfoton överlag!!

Eleonor i Nashville said...

Alskar hosten!!! Jag ar glad att det finns arstider dar vi bor. Jag skulle aldrig vilja bo i Arizona eller Florida dar det bara ar varmt. Jag njuter nu nar det ar lite kyligare ute :)

Desiree said...

Annika, tack sa mycket. Ja det ar magiskt just nu och det finns sa mycket fint att fota.
Fortsatt njuta av hosten.

Eleonor, jag forstar dig helt och fullt. Efter en lang het sommar I sodern ar hosten en valsignelse. Det ar sa vackert om hosten I dina trakter ocksa.