Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Swiss Pumpkin Patch Visit

Saturday morning we decided to find a nice pumpkin patch so that we could select a nice Halloween pumpkin for decoration. There are a number of pumpkin patches to choose from around Basel. We drove to one of the neighboring villages and we were not disappointed.

So many pumpkins. All kinds of sorts, shapes and sizes.

Love the corn with it's decorative colors and patterns.

Besides pumpkins they also sold other organic and farm grown potatoes , apples, veggies and had eggs.

So many beautiful pumpkins to choose from. It was not easy but C managed to find one that was just right in shape and size.

The farm itself was not so big so there were no hay rides or corn mazes but still there was a lot of fun and neat stuff going on here.

Something else that they also had going on that was neat was a free tasting of apple juices and pear juices. All the various kinds of apples and pears that are grown here in Switzerland. Pretty fantastic to get to taste how they differ in taste and sweetness.

What you also could do here was to bring your own bottles and then just fill them up with fresh apple juice and pay. Again I love the concept of re-using and bringing your own PET-bottles in order to create less waste.

Like any good fair there was also food if you started to feel hungry. Me and C each had one of these delicious creeps filled with apple sauce. There was pumpkin soup and home baked pumpkin bread, roasted pumpkin slices with sausage and coffee and pumpkin cake or muffins to buy. Tables were set up where you could sit down and enjoy your snack.

Now we got our pumpkin and it will be ready for some Halloween carving for the weekend.


Annika said...

Vilken fin!!!
DÄR fick ni verkligen tag på en pumpkin patch värd namnet. Vad trevligt med äppeljuicen, och vad BRA att man kan ta med egna flaskor och fylla på. SMART!!
Gillar det jag också!
Härlig höstutflykt för er!

Charlotta Hemert Ljungblad said...

Men LÄGG AV!!!! Att köpa äppeljuice sådär, alltså. Vilken DRÖM!