Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Friday & Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines! Have a great start to the weekend. Quite a special Friday it being Valentines and all. Even if it is not a day that I celebrate in a passionate or serious way I still like it and enjoy it. A day to give an extra thought or do a kind gesture for the one you love as well as friends and loved ones.

I love all the pretty flowers. This is the day when most roses are sold. Passed by some flower shops today and it sure was looking busy in there. What is your flower of choice? Are roses the most romantic flower or do you think there might be other kinds of flowers that are equally romantic? I actually prefer tulips over roses. They win my heart over any time. 

Do you celebrate Valentines or not and if so how? We will just be enjoying a nice dinner at home and perhaps a glass of sparking wine. We have an early morning ahead of us tomorrow as we are heading up into the alps for a ski weekend.

Yesterday we had the most incredible storm hitting us. Took this picture just moments before it striked. Gushing and forceful winds in combination with heavy and intense rain. I had to shut our shutters to protect my newly washed windows yesterday. First time I ever used them in that way. I went grocery shopping in the afternoon and as I left the store the rain was pouring down again. Got quite soaked on my way home even if it was only a short bike ride of 5 minutes. But considering the full blown storm that came about 2 hours later I sure was glad I was home by then. Today it has been calmer but still pretty windy.

It's been a nice and mild winter in Basel so far this year. We have not gotten any snow. Temperature wise it is about 8-10 degrees C here. I love it the wait is. As long as there is snow in the alps I don't feel I need snow around my house.
The streets are cleaner without snow and it sure makes it easier to bike around the city.

Have a great weekend!


Anne-Marie said...

Fantastiskt vackra rosor du har i Basels blomsterhandlar.
Man kan nog göra Valentines Day till det man vill. En dag då man ger litet extra omsorg till de man tycker om eller bara köper en massa godis och ballonger - som vi har här i Mt Shasta-området.
Hoppas ni får en riktigt fin skidhelg!

Suzesan said...

Vad vackra blommor. Glad Alla Hjärtans dag. Om jag är med någon just då så kan jag ju fira lite. Mest uppmärksammar jag med dagen genom att sprida hälsningar. Bland folk. -Glad ALLA hjärtans dag säger då överallt. Och jag skickar sms till mina barn och skriver." KOM alltid IHÅG att jag älskar dig( Sandy eller Toss)(Så ett till min son och ett till min dotter)

Hoppas ni fick en trevlig helg nu då med skidor och allt.


Martina said...

Jag tycker inte att man behöver fira med dunder och brak eller en massa dyra saker. Men det är väldigt mysigt att uppmärksamma dagen med nagot lite extra ända; blommor, en middag, söta ord....