Monday, August 18, 2014

Loving the Weekend

What have you been up to this weekend? We have had a great one, very relaxing. Some times you don't need to climb a mountain or do something very spectacular in any way. Variation as in most cases is nice. Last weekend we did climb mountain peaks and this one we enjoyed some quiet quality moments at home. Friday we watched the Swedish movie "Hundråringen som klev ut genom fönstret". I have not read the book but enjoyed the movie. It made me laugh several times. C has read the book and says as usual they miss out a lot of the good stuff from the book.

Saturday we had some rain showers. We keep changing our plans. First we thought about driving to Mannheim in Germany (2.5 hours drive from Basel). We heard about an awesome sport shop there. Then we felt a little lazy making that far drive so we googled around and found an outlet outside of Basel about an hours drive away. We did not find anything particular there but did find us both each a light weight rain jackets perfect for both hiking and biking that were both on sale. 

Sunday turned out very nice and actually pretty sunny and all. Cleaned up our porch a bit. Had some boxes with plants that just looked wilted and sad. Removed those, dusted and brushed.

 My very favorite thing about weekends are sleeping in and then enjoying a loooong and yummy breakfast. I am a real breakfast fan. If there was one meal I would chose to go with for the rest of my life my pick would be easy. Fresh fruit and berries, wonderful assorted breads, and a great selection of cheese and cold cuts. Love love love. 

Weekends I like to cook something that is allowed to take more time and that is a little more special. I like to set the table in a nice way and to use the nice wine glasses. Weekend dinners with good food, good wine and longer conversations is also something that I love. 

Made a delicious seafood risotto. Sundays as shops are closed is a slow day here. A day for a cultural visit to a museum or for activities such a walk, a hike, a bike ride or just a nice road trip somewhere. Our Sunday evenings we usually end with a movie and Sunday dessert of some kind. I have slowly come to appreciate the slow and quiet Sundays here. It makes you enjoy the outdoors more and also requires you to come up with something more interesting than just consuming and spending.

 We drove up to this castle ruin just across the French border. The oldest part being from the 13-hundreds. A popular picnick spot for families as we saw many families with young kids there. Quite a nice view over the fields and country side. 

Today I am off to my first German class for the semester here in Basel. 


Miss Marie said...

Visst är de lugna söndagarna ändå lite härliga! :)

Saknar Münchens utbud av salami när jag ser salamin på din bild! Mums! :)

Annika said...

Ja, lugna helger gillar jag också.
Lite god mat, lite göra som man vill.
Er helg låter väldigt skön.
Din risotto, mums!!!

Desiree said...

Marie, ja det tycker jag allt. :-)
Antar att det var söndagsstängt i Munchen också, hur är det i England?

Annika, precis, vet att du också uppskattar sådant med jämna mellanrum. Äta lite gott, umgås och bara vara, bästa sättet att ladda batterierna.

Suzesan said...

Oj vad gott det ser ut med den där risotton. Allt på den. Gott. Skönt att koppla av då och då. Långfrukost = mysfaktor.


Charlotta Hemert Ljungblad said...

Håller med, lugna helger är de bästa! Att bara vara hemma och skrota (som min mamma alltid kallar det, haha!) slår det mesta. Vi har haft det fullt upp nästan hela sommaren men nu till hösten ska jag verkligen ta tillvara på alla hösthelger och slappa så mycket det bara går. Kram!

Desiree said...

Susanne, tack ja det blev en väldigt god risotto.

Charlotta, det är ett bra uttryck att vara hemma och skrota. Det låter helt rätt och skönt med några lugna hösthelger.

Liz said...

Vi ar nog mycket lika dar, alskar langa frukostar med gott brod! Skulle kunna sitta i flera timmar och bara mysa! Tyvarr blir det inte mycket av den varan med barn i familjen, och likasa nar det galler middagar med gott vin och langa samtal. Men det kommer val en dag da jag och min man ocksa kan satta oss och njuta av langa frukostar och middagar utan vardagsrutiner med barnen. Men, det ar nagot jag alskar och kan sakna ibland. Risotton ser ljuvlig ut! Ar det en saffransrisotto? Skont med lugna helger och framforallt sondagar da man verkligen kan koppla av da det mesta ar stangt! Har i USA ar ju alla dagar oppet overallt vilket gor att man inte "tar helg" pa samma satt.
Ha en fin fortsatt vecka, Kram