Friday, August 8, 2014

The black lake or Swartzsee

We made a great hike August first that was Swiss national day. We drove to Swartzsee that means the black lake. Located about a 2 hour drive from Basel in the French speaking parts of Switzerland. I guess the name derives from the fact that the water looks really dark on this lake. 

Absolutely gorgeous and so incredibly beautiful here. I keep falling in love with Swiss nature over and over again. It is impossible not to. Later this afternoon we are heading to the Alps of Grindelwald. Staying in a cottage with friends over the weekend. I hope we get some great hikes there as well. But I thought I would leave you with this hike before we set off for the next.

The views are just so pretty and picture perfect.

As you walk you always here the bells of the cows around you in the distance. They are never far away. You pass them close every now and then. They are all very calm and hardly take notice of hikers at all, just keep munching on the grass. Trails are varied, sometimes narrow, sometimes wider, some times you have to climb and sometimes you can just go easy and enjoy the views.

 Another thing that I love about hiking are all the pretty flowers that you find growing at higher altitudes. 

We made the hike together with our American friends Carol and Aaron. They were to pick up their daughter that had been to summer camp in this area for two weeks after our hike. 

The clouds were hanging pretty low so it was almost as if we were walking among them.It was a perfect day for a hike, not to hot and the clouds keep you shaded and give you protection from the strong sun. Some clouds like this is favored over sunny skies.

 Scattered over the mountain hills are small huts where you can grab a snack or something to drink. Check out the display of cow bells that hangs on this roof ledge. Yes they are big and yes they have been used and worn by real cows. Going out hiking is just the perfect way to celebrate the national day according to most Swiss people. They love their hikes and their mountains.

 Another Swiss bigger hut or hutte as they call them here that we passed on our way down. Took a stop here and had a coffee and some snacks.

The flower beds are just gorgeous. 

 Mountain goats and wild strawberries.

Back at the foot of the mountain at the lake where we started. We met up with Lilly there and started our drive back towards Basel. 

I just love hikes like this one. So beautiful, so peaceful. It is like a cleansing of the soul do do something like this. In the evening when you go to bed you feel tired in the best way possible. 

I therefore hope that the weather will be nice enough to allow us to enjoy nature at it's very best again. 

Have a great weekend!


Kattas Betraktelser said...

Jag skriver, WOW. Vad vackert och häftig natur. Känns som ni fick uppleva en hel del. Kram

Charlotta Hemert Ljungblad said...

WOW!Vilken lycka att få bo så nära sådan fin natur. Verkligen otroligt fint. KRAM!

Desiree said...

Katta, ja verkligen fint. Schweiz har så otroligt mycket vackert att bjuda på.

Charlotta, tackar. Vi njöt i fulla drag av denna härliga dag.

Annika said...

Alltså, GOOD GRIEF!!!
Dessa bilder är löjligt vackra. OMG!! SOM vykort.
Herregud vilket vackert land du bor i!!!
Jag vill komma och hälsa på!!!
OCH hajka!!!

Charlie sa ... said...

Jag kommer med Annika!!
Det är verkligen som vykort. Är helt såld och längtar som en galning till berg och alper.
Ljuvligt underbart!

Ser fram emot fler bilder vännen.

Stor kram och hoppas nästa vandring har varit lika härlig!


Anne-Marie said...

Schweiz kanske är världens vackraste land. Vilken vandring ni fick. Och vilka bilder!
Blommor, kor och gröna lummiga ängar. Bättre kan det väl knappast bli. :)

Suzesan said...

SÅ underbart. Oj det skulle jag trivas med. Så vackert. -Breathtaking- ;)

Fin bild av er.

Ser lite ut som jag minns Schwarzwald. Då det vackraste jag sett.