Monday, April 11, 2016

Glorious Sunday morning

It's been a pretty gray and cold start to the weekend, then Sunday spring returned with sunshine and warmer temperatures. I was up and out early on my way to yoga class at the gym. The beauty and peace of this particular morning struck me as I biked through the near empty streets of the city. The sun was felt good on my face and it was all so peaceful. I passed an early jogger and an elderly woman out on a power walk. It just felt like such a great start to a beautiful day. Early Sundays are particularly peaceful as everything is closed on that day except for museums.

Even yoga class felt particually good on this morning. I should do it more often than I do beacuse it is such a great way to work on both inner mental peace as well as giving the body a good stretch and making you more flexible. There are so many different yoga classes but I like this one called Power Yoga the best because you get to work on both strengh and flexibility. 

 Basel is turning green as you can see. The trees are getting their green foliage.

 Some trees like this one have already turned completley green.

Spring is in the air. Love this time of year when everything is turning bright green.

We have dissembled the green house and the Qumquat tree is now outside in the sunshine. 

Sunday I was finally able to sit outside and enjoy some time on the deck. It has been a peaceful and relaxing weekend. I have been on my own as C has been biking in Italy. Saturday I checked out the shops and the open market. Sunday I had time to spring clean my windows. Later I met up with friends and took a nice walk a long the Rhein river. C arrived back from Italy late in the evening. Happy and tired. I was glad to have him back, safe and in one piece. This week looks like a pretty nice week weather wise with temperatures of 17-20 degrees.


Annika said...

Just nu ser det ut som om ni har det grönare än vad vi har det. Men ja, vi är nog ikapp inom väldigt snar framtid.
Älskar er balkong, så himla fin.
Det är så härligt då man återinviger uterummen varje säsong. Vi ska göra iordning vårt deck i helgen som kommer.
Ska bli nice!!
Älskar den där ljusgröna, vackra färgen som råder hos er nu.
Mmmm....härlig tid!

Anne said...

Ser söndagslugnt ut på dina bilder, känns även via dina bilder som det är söndagsstämning och inget folk ute på cykelbanan. Vi fixade i ordning våra utemöbler i helgen, känns som sagt fräscht och inspirerande göra det. Plantera kommer jag dock inte gör förrän slutet i månaden. Blir inte supermycket, men lite krukor med örter och blommor. Det går så fort just nu, vi är redan nästan i mitten av månaden. Har ni haft säsongspremiär för grillen än?