Saturday, June 22, 2013

Midsummer Skies

 Beautiful midsummer night skies. Even if we don't have the light as in Sweden it is still quite beautiful here when the sun sets shortly before 10 pm. We enjoyed this amazing sunset from our deck last night as we were having strawberries for dessert.

 It's early morning here and we are now getting ready to start our journey to Sweden. We putting ourselves and our luggage in the car and then we drive off. It almost feels a little sad as it will be the last road trip in our grey Mazda. She has taken us on so many great road trips all over the South in the US and then she kept us safe and comfy in Sweden and for our first months here in Switzerland as well. Soon our roads will part. Have a nice weekend y'all. Sweden here we come!


eastcoastmom said...

Roadtrip till Sverige blir väl ett värdigt avslut för bilen! Gillar dina solnedgångar.

Suzesan said...

Välkommen till Sverige. Håller med om att det blir ett värdigt avslut för bilen. Att ta er till Sverige!


mylifeinsiliconvalley said...

Ha det så underbart i Sverige!!!

Lotta said...

Ja, roadtrip till Sverige...härligt!

Jag har just läst ditt inlägg om lycka. Så vackert skrivet och många bilder som jag förälskat mig i. Blir glad av dem! Så mycket lycka i ert liv - underbart.

Safe trip my dear! Vi hörs snart ;)


Saltistjejen said...

Så vackert!!!
Ha nu en fin resa till Sverige!!!!

Annika said...

Ha det så jättefint hemma nu!!
Vackra kvällsbilder.