Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Annorlunda trendigt flygplatshotel - Amsterdam

For our last night in Amsterdam after we had visited the Tulip Gardens we chose a hotel at the airport as our flight was early in the morning. A different hotel experience compared ordinary hotels. Fun, young, modern, minimalistic and very much about compact living. Perfect location close to the Easy Jet terminal. We stayed at the Citizen M hotel.

Modern, minimalistic and sleek. Great design for compact living quarters. All you need for a comfortable night and sleep over but no extras beyond. It's all about small and smart solutions. What you see from these two pictures is it. This is the room. I sat on the bed taking these pictures. The bed is right by the window. It is definitely hipp and modern. A remote control gives you all access to all practical functionalities such as tv, alarmclock, lowering the blinds, changing the lighting and so on. You can choose different colors for the bathroom lighting depending on your mood.

Furniture all from Vitra design company actually a Swiss family owned Company that makes furniture. It also has it's own Campus with shop and cool art museum. Their Campus is located in Germany but very close to Basel and a place we have visited several times. They work with many different designers and have a lot of cool and beautiful products for both home and office spaces.

The blue bathroom holds a shower and a toilet. The sink is located outside which actually is practical. The room is small but has everything you need. So unless you are a big person or plan on hanging out in your hotel room a fair amount of time this is a good and nice place to stay. It is designed purely for sleeping purposes.

Downstairs you have the lobby and lounge room as well as restaurant. These are the places to hang out at when you are not sleeping in your room. The lobby has someone at the desk 24-7. You check in and out by yourself. But there is always someone there to ask questions or ask for help. The restaurant starts serving breakfast from 03 AM. The breakfast was great and very tasty. The lobby plays cool lounge music. This place is all about young and modern.

The key cards can after your stay be converted into luggage tags where you write your contact information on the back. There were a few different models to choose from that were fun. Would I stay here again? Yes, why not. I liked it and it is a step away from your traditional hotel experience. I guess however, that you need to have an open and young mind to stay here. You also have to be somewhat technical to manage the control settings or lights and everything else. This is not a place for your 80 year old grandmother and it is not a place if you have small kids that want to run and jump around (there is just no space for that).

Besides the Amsterdam location they also have hotels at London, Paris, Glasgow, Rotterdam and New York. For Amsterdam they have two hotels one located by the airport and one in the city. We payed about 80 Euros for the room we stayed in. The price depends on the location and city of course New York being the most expensive location but still very affordable and giving you good buck for your money. I liked the place and would stay here again. 


Miss Marie said...

Vilket häftigt ställe!

Annika said...

Ja, det var kul! Trevligt att bo på ett sånt hotell.
Coolt med badrummet.

Anne said...

Mycket intressant och väldigt coolt! Det här är ju helt perfekt, gillar verkligen konceptet. För övernattningar nära flygplatser eller när man semestrar på sätt där man faktiskt bara använder hotellrummet för att sova är ju det här jättesmart. Gillar verkligen konceptet, det moderna och designen i rummen upplägget med tidig frukost (vad jag tycker är konstigt är hur det även på flygplatshotell ibland börjar med frukost först kl. 6). Det här tror jag kommer poppa upp mer och mer, det här konceptet och med så mycket teknik involverad och självgående. Som du säger, kanske inget för grandma direkt men många andra kundrupper. Storgillar det här!

Anne-Marie said...

Det var verkligen ett annorlunda hotell. Coolt passar som beskrivning. :)
Tur att det finns alternativ till de traditionella hotellen.
Om man har dagar fulla med aktiviteter behöver man ju inte ett stort hotellrum utan egentligen bara någonstans att sova och ett badrum.