Saturday, August 24, 2013

Have a lovely weeknd

Have a lovely weekend. This what the start of my weekend looks like. To me this is a pretty good start. Had a nice slow morning, sleeping in and taking it easy. Now we are about to enjoy some good breakfast. I am such a breakfast person. Love, love, love breakfast!

 Fresh strawberries, good sourdough bread, good coffee. Trying out a new cheese. There is just so many kinds of cheese here in Switzerland (about 450 different kinds). So it will take some time to go through them all.

This weekend does not offer a great forecast but hopefully it will be a nice weekend even with a little rain. What are you up to this weekend. We are having some friends over for dinner tonight and tomorrow we will perhaps head out and check the old ruins of the Roman settlement that once was the origin to Basel. Today we are heading off to the farmers market in Germany first to get some fresh goods for tonights dinner.


Charlotta Hemert Ljungblad said...

Jag ääälskar också frukost, det bästa som finns!!!! KRAM!

Annika said...

It does look GOOD!!
Hoppas er helg var fin och bra på alla sätt
Jag vill ha ditt bröd. MUMS!!

Miss Marie said...

Härligt med farmer's market! Jag älskar frukost, men maken är inte likadan, han gillar toast och det räcker med det, trist! Jag får komma och äta frukost med er! ;)

Suzesan said...

Oj så gott. Lång frukost är fint det.


Desiree said...

Charlotta, ja visst är det bara BÄST!

Suzesan, så härligt med helgfrukost och långfrukost.

Marie, ja du får så gärna komma hit och äta frukost med oss någon dag :-)

Annika, tack så mycket. HOppas du har haft en härlig helg du med.