Friday, September 13, 2013

Off to France for the Weekend

Happy Friday to y'all. We are taking off now for La France and the Burgundy region. So looking forward to this weekend trip! Promise to take lot's of pictures and tell you all about all the goodies and loveliness next week. I hope you all have a great weekend. Here are some pretty fall pictures for the weekend. 

I don't know where the cold air arrived from but all of a sudden it turned into fall here. Since Wednesday it has been chilly and rainy. I have had to put away the last of my summer clothes and unfold my warmer sweaters. 

The apples are ripe and apple season is here. Apples is one of my top favorite fruits. If I had to pick only one kind of fruit to eat it would be apples. Swiss apples are big here. Actually they are the only apples sold in the supermarkets. There is a great selection of various kinds. I am going through them trying to find my favorite kind. 

I hope we find a pick your own place where we can go apple picking. My parents still have and have during my entire childhood had apples trees growing in their yard. My mother used to make apple sauce for us when we were kids. Home made apple sauce is just soooo good! Yummy on oatmeal or on pancakes.

Squash and pumpkin season is here as well. There is something about both pumpkins and sweet potatoes that I love. They are so neutral in their taste and so versatile for cooking. You can go both salty or sweet with them. Made a pumpkin soup with coconut milk yesterday that we both loved. Now that it has turned cold outside it is time for soups and stews again. I don't dread fall as much here as in Sweden. For one I know it won't get quite as dark here for such an extended period as in Sweden.  A lot of fun things are happening for this fall so there is just so much to look forward to.

Have a great weekend!


Charlotta Hemert Ljungblad said...

Åh, hoppas ni får en alldeles ljuvlig resa! Bourgougne-distriktet är mitt absoluta favoritdistrikt och vi brukade ofta resa till Beaune back in the days. Ser fram emot att se bilder! KRAM!

Desiree said...

Charlotta, tack så mycket. Kommer säkert att njuta för fulla muggar.
Trevlig helg.

Lotta said...

Bon voyage! Njut lite åt mig ;) Längtar efter dina bilder!

Stor kram


Desiree said...

Lotta, tack så mycket.