Thursday, November 28, 2013

Random Thursday Thoughts

Why not step into the habit of some random Thursday thoughts again.

Sunshine: Love it, can't get enough. We have had a beautiful week this week so far with plenty of sunshine even if it has been cold and frosty days. I don't mind the cold as long as I get to see the sun. Sun kissed by those pale rays of December sun, very very nice. Those last golden leaves look even more beautiful in the sunshine.

So looking forward to our trip to Florida on the 26:th of December with Carl's family. That feels so right to head south and meet up with the sunshine and beach at this time of the year.

People here are crazy about their roasted chesnuts. Roasted chesnut cream that looks like brown spahetti with whipped cream? Not a favorite of mine but for many others yes.

Linzer torte was a bit of a funny name for me when I first encountered it. My brain just thought lentis + dessert? Sounded so weird. But then I learnt that it was not at all about lentils but a pie with jam filling. I have tried it and it is good but on the supersweet side.

You can also find the Swedish Princesstårta here. Here it is actually even called Swediche torte.

Christmas in Switzerland means that the stores are over flowing with chocolate. Christmas season in every country means chocolate consumption increases dramatically but here you almost drown in chocolate as you enter a store. The Swiss chocolate company Frey is making a great profit.

Glögg. Yes this year I am making my own. Or at least I am making an attempt and we will see how it turns out.  The spices are now soaking in vodka. They have plenty of Glüwhine here but to me that has a different taste compared to the Swedish glögg. I don't know if it has to do with the spices or with the sweetness.

 Yes, I have also started to put up my Christmas decorations. I am not lighting them until the first of advent but I am preparing. I am very much looking forward to first of advent on Sunday. That also happens to be first of December. Christmas lights and Christmas spirit with festivity and sparkle. Bring it on. I am so ready.

I think I have used every cord of light that I found this year. It will look awesome.

On this particular Thursday I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. We are joining friends this evening for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. A collage of C is married to an American and of course they are making a traditional Thanksgiving dinner as they do every year. I love the fact that us having lived in various countries and parts of the world are able to add traditions and celebrations to our lives throughout the year. 

Happy Thursday to you all weather you are celebrating Thanksgiving or not.


eastcoastmom said...

Den där glöggen liknar den jag brukar göra! Kommer nog bli riktigt bra ska du se.
Floridaresa låter perfekt!

Desiree said...

Eastcoastmom, tack så mycket. Jag hoppas att den blir god. Florida ska bli så himla sköööönt.

Miss Marie said...

Mmmmmmmm, gott med en massa choklad till jul!!! :)

Lotta said...

Njuter just nu av sol, bubbel, fix i köket. Vill önska er - fellow americans - a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Kan tänka mig att det är choklad överallt! Din glögg ser jättegod ut. Och en Floridaresa? Underbart!

KRAM vännen