Monday, September 8, 2014

A weekend in Churwalden with plenty of fresh mountain air

Had a really great weekend in Churwalden-Lenzerheide located in the eastern part of the Swiss Alps. We were very lucky with the weather. Both Saturday and Sunday were sunny and clear. No rain jackets or layers of heavy clothing were necessary. I was able to hike in just a tank top and even had to use sunscreen. 

I love spending weekend just like this. Being outdoors, getting plenty of fresh air, taking in the most amazing picture perfect views and getting a lot of exercise. Love falling a sleep after a day like this when you are really tired in the best possible way. You tend to go to sleep rather early and you wake up early and ready for yet another day, a new hike, new challenges.

C went biking with with Aaron and Pierre while I went hiking with Carol and Lilly (9 years old). Saturday evening Aaron and Carol's friends from the US traveling around Europe joined us. So for the Sunday the bikers got one more biker and the hikers got one more hiker. I was very impressed with Lilly being able to keep up with us so well on both days. She just kept walking without any complains or any wining what so ever.

You just can't get enough of this quiet natural beauty.  Hearing the sounds from the cowbells and the water rushing down the small creeks. 

We had lunch at this gorgeous little restaurant. So pretty with all the flowerbeds and we had the most fantastic view. A small place. Very popular, all tables quickly filled up with people wanting to have lunch there. Everything was home made and tasted really good. Quite pricey but such a treat. 

We did two different hikes. Each day and hike were about 4 hours. Variations in both altitude and landscape. Sometimes you walk on narrow paths sometimes on wider more proper country roads cutting through both woods, fields and open spaces. There is water where you can refill your water bottle at various points a long the way. It is just so relaxing for both body and mind to go hiking. Never thought I would love it so much.

The happy cows of Switzerland. You pass by them every now and then. The sounds of the cowbells is always present somewhere around you. 

Crystal clear lakes scattered around. The turquoise waters are just mesmerizing.  It is the minerals in the ground that give the water their specific super coloring. 

Back in Basel and here summer seems to have returned for the moment. Ever since Thursday last week it has been around 25 degrees C. I had started to put away some of my summer clothes but that was apparently too early. We had kind of a crappy summer so I certainly do not mind getting some more nice summer days.


Annika said...

ÅÅÅÅ himmel så fint!!
OCH detta har du bakom knuten sas!
Helt underbart!!
En fotografs dröm!!
Nu ska jag titta på dina bilder igen.

Desiree said...

Annika, tack. Ja det är verkligen balsam för själen att få njuta av denna vackra utsikt och få knata runt här.

Anne-Marie said...

Helt otroligt så vackert du bor!
Man slutar aldrig att förundras över dessa vyer.
Såg dina kossor hos Insta. De är för gulliga. :)
Förstår att du trivs där bland bergen, stigarna och allt det vackra.
Blev det någon joddling. ;)

Liz said...

Vackra underbara Schweiz! Som alltid njuter jag av dina fantastiska bilder!

Sa roligt att ni har fatt vanner med likasinnade intressen, sa att din man kan cykla och du kan anda njuta av detta tillsammans med nagon och qtt ni inte behover sitta och vanta pa varandra.

Stora kramar!

Desiree said...

Anne-Marie, nej tyvärr ingen joddling. Det skulle vara kul att både se och höra någon dag. Kossorna är sköna. De finns så många olika raser vissa lurviga och andra i alla möjliga färger.

Liz, hej vad kul att du kikade in. Ja det känns toppen att ha hittat vänner att både kunna cykla och hika med. Var och en får njuta av sitt men på samma ställe.

Suzesan said...

VAD UNDERBART. Så avkopplande och ja UNDERBART. Gillar vatten alla vatten som ser ut som bäckar.

Går det att bada i de där små sjöarna eller är det svinkallt?? För mig ser det inbjudande ut. Jag som ÄLSKAR att bada :)
Kossorna är ju så söta. :)


Suzesan said...

SÅG en grej. Vad är alla de där "antennerna" för nåt som finns i kohagebilden??? Finns ju massor längre bort??