Monday, March 7, 2016

Nice Weekend at Home

A new pink Orchid now lives in my home. The old one we had had for a long time. It refused to bloom again but had nice green leaves so I bought a fake flower and put in the pot which looked like the real thing. Then C replanted it and gave it new soil and some fertilizer and I did not like that. The leaves turned yellow and it just looked bad. The old one was put to final rest and the new one got to move in.

A nice weekend at home a nice and welcome change as we have been travelling around for the past weekends all February.

Sunday morning. Sleeping in, slow start followed by a long breakfast is just such a nice treat. I watched the episode called "Air" on the Netflix series Cooked wich was about bread and got inspired. Baked by own breakfast buns with pumpkin seed. There is something so comforting about fresh warm home baked bread. Love it and the aroma it fills the home with. Fresh strawberries are also another little weekend treat. These are imported from Spain but are still delicious and sweet.

The weather has been quite unstable latley with a lot of rain. However, the weekend turned out better than the forecast had promised. We did get some peaks of sunshine now and then between the clouds. Signs of spring are starting to show up here and there. The buds on the Magnolia trees are slowly growing bigger. 

Watched the movie "The Revenant". I do understand why Leonardo DiCaprio got an Oscar for his role in this movie but I felt the plot was a little thin and the movie as a whole a little too long. Also I felt that they had given him almost super human suvival traits. A little too unrealistic too survive everything he did. We also have "The Danish Girl" left to watch. Anyone seen this one, and what did you think about it?

Friday evening we were invited over for dinner to our Swedish friend Christine. The wine we had orderd at the Wine Fair in October had finally arrived. By this time I had no idea what we had ordered. We opened a bottle of Grenache from California that was one of the bottles we had orderd. It was absolutley wonderful and so deliscious. So glad we ordered something that we loved so much even months later. When you go to the big wine fair here you taste and then you order and then it takes a couple of months before you have your order delivered. A good thing is to split an order with friends like we did because normally the smallest order is a case of 6 bottles.

Sunday was a grey day and thus a perfect day for a visit to a museum. Basel has the nickname "Cultural capital of Switzerland" one of the reasons being that there are so many museums here. I think there are over 40 museums in this little city. They had an exhibition at the Natural History Museum that I wanted to see for a while. A photography exhibition where the finalists for the prize of Best Wildlife Photographer is to be selected. There were about a hundred different pictures that were truly amazing. I am glad we went.


Charlotta Hemert Ljungblad said...

Den utställningen hade jag gärna sett, låter ju fantastiskt! Låter som att ni har haft en ljuvlig helg, vad härligt. Kramar!

Desiree said...

Charlotta, utstallningen var toppen, jattefin.

Anne-Marie said...

Verkligen gott med hembakat bröd.
Så stora knoppar magnolian har. Ni måste ha haft det rätt varmt ett tag.
Har inte sett någon av filmerna som du nämner.
Tänk vilken skillnad det är på en större stad med olika slags utbud jämfört med en liten "håla" som Weed. :)

Anne said...

Icke sett filmerna men känner ju väl till dem och de finns på listan, dock är de Oscarsniminerade filmer jag känner mig mest nyfiken på och väntar ska komma ut på dvd inte just de två utan the Spotlight och The Bigh Short. The Bridge of Spies (spionen i den filmen är mannen som fick Oscar för bästa manliga biroll) såg vi nyligen. Jag är svag för spionhistorier så jag tyckte filmen var rätt bra.