Tuesday, July 16, 2013

And the river runs through it

The river runs through the city dividing the two parts into Klein Basel and Gros Basel (small and big Basel). The two parts of the city are connected through various bridges. The prettiest  and oldest bridge is the Mittlere Rheinbrucke (the middle bridge) constructed in 1225. What you can also very easily do is to hop on one of the small river boats that very frequently cross the river. It costs about 1.5 dollars and even if the journey is short it is nice. It might sometimes also be very convenient to cross the river by boat instead of having to walk to nearest bridge which might be quite far sometimes.

For the summer Basel has this knitted them for both the boats as well as the boat landings around the Rhine. The women's knitting club of Basel must have been very busy all winter long. Apparently about 200 women have worked on this project and contributed to it. I think it is both very cool. They sure have done an amazing job! Very impressive.

As you can see they really have put some serious dedication into this project. All the boat landings have different themes. I just loved this one with all the cute fish and marine life.

It is really beautiful down here by the river as the sun sets. It sure is a perfect place to be and end a nice summer day. It is mainly the shore on the Klein Basel side that draws people as you got the sun on that side in the evening as well as most of the small restaurants and bars here as well.

Cute little frogs dangling on the railing.

Small Nemo fish, a sea star, a turtle and a shy little octopus. 
I actually for the first time took one of the boats across the river today. It took about 5 minutes to cross to the other side but it was nice. You get a different perspective of the city from the water front. The boats have no engine and are driven from the pure current of the river being held in place by the wire that is anchored between the shores on both sides. The ferry man on each boat navigates it across the river and steers it in place as it reaches the landing and dock on the other side.

 It all happens by the river. People meet, hang out, have a good time. It's like a big summer party that goes on each evening down here. It is the perfect easy and casual summer life style. Every one is relaxed enjoying a picknick or a swim. Chilling out with a glass of wine or a beer, putting something on their portable grill. 

There is always something happening here by the river. This local Basel trio walked around playing. It was nice. Summer in the city is not bad at all.

Tonight I am meeting swedish C down by the river for dinner which I am looking forward to. 


Kattas Betraktelser said...

Åh, vad roligt och vackert. Det här med stickat på offentliga ställen ser jag rätt ofta i norr. Lyktstolpar och räcken i olika restgarnern osv. Det är så himla fint i Basel, jag tror jag får lägga det på min göra lista framöver. Kram

Desiree said...

Katta,Basel är en härlig stad som har mycket att erbjuda för att vara en mindre stad. Finns gott om kultur av olika slag med både musik och massor av intressanta museer. Det här stickade temat är så coolt för jag har precis som du sett det lite här och vart på sina ställen i Sverige också men aldrig i denna skala. Man inser vilket enormt jobb de måste lagt ner på att dekorera alla bryggor och båtar.

Annika said...

VAD kul med allt det stickade!
Gillar det!
Hur många bor i Basel?

Desiree said...

Annika, ja fint och kul. Så imponerad av jobbet de gjort. Superduktigt. Bor ca 200,000 i Basel.

nilsandsofia said...

Det ar sa roligt att lasa hos dig om Basel och fa lara sig lite om en stad jag verkligen vet valdigt lite om... Sa vackert det ar med floden dar mitt i centrum! Kram

Desiree said...

Millan, kul att du tycker det :-)
Ja Basel är en härlig stad och att ha floden som flyter genom staden betyder mycket.

Suzesan said...

Vad gulligt med stickade dekorationer och jag bara älskade de där grodorna. Är vanvettigt förtjust i just grodor.

Härlig stad med mycket hjärtlighet.Personlig stad.

Skönt med floden genom stan....