Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wine Tastings

 So the wine tasting went well. My very first wine tasting that I was hosting. I feel kind of proud. I was co-hosting it with Raquel (we used to go to the same German class and then I also found out she was a member of the American women's club as well). The topic of the tasting was wines from Piedmonte in northwestern Italy. Six different wines and four different grapes. We were a nice group of 10 people. Raquel helped me serve the wines and prepare the snacks while I did the presentation. 

Yes I was a little nervous but as the evening moved a long and it all went well I started to relax more. However, I must say I was more concentrated on my presentation than taking part of the tasting. I would have to taste these wines again in order to get a proper opinion of them. Luckily three different bottles were left. I guess I can have a little wine tasting with C on Sunday.

 Doing and being part of a wine tasting is actually one of the best ways to learn more about wine and about grapes. The way we do these wine tastings is by just pouring a tiny bit in each glass. Enough for just a couple of sips and the rest is poured out. Everyone has a sheet of paper for notes. Only small pieces of bread and water is served as the actual tasting takes place. Once the tasting is done everyone is free to enjoy what remains of the wines and bread, cheese and snacks are served. It is a nice three hour event that is hosted once a month at the hostess of the months home. The person that is hosting chooses what wines or grapes they want to do.

 Raquel brought some lovely flowers to decorate the table from her garden.

From one wine tasting to another. Paul Ullrich is one of the best wine houses/stores in Basel. They regularly do different tastings as well. You pay about 10 dollars and you can all the wines they are doing on that particular evening. Tonight I am going to one of their wine events where they are doing French wines. Later on they will be doing an Italian one. I got their flying in the mail box announcing their event. At the end of October there will also be the big wine messe in Basel. Vendors and wine houses from all over Europe will be participating and about 1500 wines will be available for trying, tasting and purchasing. Puh! The big wine messe will require some planning and research as one will have to decide on what to go for and try.

Getting a better knowledge about wine I feel is natural as I am also interested  in cooking and good food. The right wine paired with the right food enhances both the flavors of the food as well as the wine. 

At the moment I am not sure I want to head out at all today. The rain is pouring down and it is getting colder. Fall is here for sure, well after all it is October. I will bike to the gym but shower at home as there is no point in taking a shower there and then getting all wet again on my bike. 


Annika said...

SAMMA väder här.
Vräkande regn och 11 grader varmt. Men det är mysigt tycker jag. Gillar rusk då och då.

VISSTE väl att ALLT skulle gå bra.
Jag hade gärna velat vara med på er vinprovning. Förstår att du var nervös, men nu är det gjort. Så roligt att prova vin på det sättet.
Men jag förstår också att du inte direkt kunde koncentrera dig så mkt på just vinerna då du höll i mötet.
BRA att ni har kvar flaskor så att du kan njuta av det sen.
Mkt vin i ditt liv nu. OCH så ska det vara, tycker jag!!

Desiree said...

Annika, fast nu på eftermiddagen har regnet faktiskt lättat och nu tittar till och med solen fram :-)
Jag hade så gärna haft dig med. Det hade känts skönt med en vän man känner väl. Ja jisses nu har jag två halvor med vitt och två hela röda flaskor kvar att försöka dricka upp. C är inte tillbaka förräns lördag kväll. Men jag tror de håller ett tag. Har köpt sådana där vaccum korkar.

Anne-Marie said...

Vad roligt att det gick så bra! :)
Eftersom jag inte kan någonting om viner får jag kommentera vindruvorna. ;) Ser mycket goda ut.
Vi har faktiskt haft sol och runt +17 idag i Weed. Så får det gärna fortsätta. Kram!

Desiree said...

Anne-Marie, ja just nu finns det mycket fina druvor från Italien i butikerna. Tyckte de skulle passa bra tillsammans med de italienska vinerna vilket de också gjorde. Nice med hela 17 grader. Här slog kylan till igår. Jag hoppas det blir lite varmare igen nästa vecka.